Aye! Nigga!

It’s a warm Friday evening in the summer of 1956 in the southern city of Chicago. The sun was in the closing hours of its work day and the neighborhood bars were almost filled as the people of Chicago make an early start to the leisure that comes with the weekend.

Wine and booze flowed freely as the bar faithfuls chatted in rather low tones with each other about various experiences they had during the week. Most of them still in their work clothes while the rest who didn’t go to work that day or are self employed were in casuals.

The atmosphere was calm and sleepy. A radio bumped loudly one of Frank Sinatra classics ‘that’s life’ as some of the bar attendants sat idly at the counters , some taking a nap in a bid to get some energy for the night hours which is always heavy because the bars are often filled with the friends of the bottle.

Cars trickled by in ones and twos indicating that majority of Chicagoans were at their respective homes and not in their workplace. The whole scenario painted a picture of the city of Chicago taking a nap in preparation of a long night of unholy activities. All seemed calm and peaceful till all of a sudden, from the far end of one of the bars came a loud cry with a voice heavily toned with disgust and pending excitement “Catch that Nigga!!”.

The sleepy bar now suddenly came alive as men sprang up from their slumbers with the frenzy of an infuriated bull. Soon there were echoes of “Nigga!” aye!” Coming from the various neighborhood bars. The ladies raced for the best vantage point so as to get a good view of the impending episode as the men scrambled for their favorite tool of evil adventure. In a fraction of a second a Negro galloped past the bars his eyes portrayed fear and confusion as he sprinted with all the energy left in him. The Chicagoans were now pouring out of the bars with different types of tools that can be used to administer pain in pursuit of the condemned soul.

One thing is certain; whatever is the outcome of this evening episode of hateful sport is never going to end well for the negro. He is no thief neither has he taken a life before. It’s just another Friday evening in the Good old south.

Racism is an old foe in the American space. Many activism and speeches has gone into fighting the scourge over the years. Progress has been made so far but cracks still remain in the system. Police brutality and a broken prison system still leaves the black community in the USA with memories from the dark past.

The election of Donald Trump who some people believe is divisive has tilted the American discourse towards issues like Racism, immigration and Social justice.

Donald Trump during his campaign has stirred the hornets nest with some controversial rhetorics which has refused to fizzle away.

America is currently a deeply divided country with media wars and fake news peddled at such an alarming rate. The old foe called racism seems to be rearing its ugly head once again as white supremacy groups spring up all over the country and Europe.

Globalism is on the decline as most European countries begin to embrace protectionist ideologies . The way forward is quite bleak , something has to unite America as soon as possible before it is too late.

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