President Buhari is an Ex Military General

He did it!

His name has just been announced as the winner of fiercely contested elections.

He couldn’t believe it!.

He raced downstairs to break the news to his wife like they have not been watching the news too. His phone rang. It was his P.A briefing him on the next line of action. He couldn’t make sense from anything he just said. he was now the president of his country.

This is going to take some time to settle!

His compound gate flew open as party members and well-wishers swam into his compound. He could not make out their faces as they cheered his name and shook his hand. His brain was too busy processing the barrage of emotions he was feeling at the moment for such flimsy task.

He felt a cold hand on his shoulders and he turned to see his P. A and the Party Chairman. They moved him into an inner room where a man who looked like a journalist was waiting for him.

He was the speech writer and director of communications. They were to prepare him for his first public address as the President elect. He was given an hour to digest the material which was prepared for him.

As he went through the material some words struck his attention, leaving an almost bitter taste.

Judiciary ….


Rule of law….

Due process…

He didn’t like the material because it felt like making promises he knew he would not keep. For the first time he got a real sense of what he is about to get into.

It just doesn’t make sense!

As a green on green retired combatant now general who has spent all his life taking orders from his superior. He doesn’t understand how now he is the number 1 man in the country, he still has to deal with people approving or debunking his ideas like his days as a junior officer.

“There must be a way around it”.

“Democracy is for Bloody Civilians no wonder they hardly get anything done.”


Human beings are shaped by the institutions they were raised in. I never met a banker who parts with money easily or a lawyer who does not enjoy hearing the sound of his own voice.

Traders will be traders and Politicians are not the best people to enter an agreement with.

We have never heard of generals respecting the choice of his junior officers.

The Army is an institution where authority must never be questioned even if it means losing your life!

Expecting Soldiers who are from such institution to do well in a democracy where the pattern is almost the opposite is quite mysterious.

Nigeria’s Democracy has struggled to blossom because we are a Nation with very strong individuals and weak institutions.

If we are looking to strengthen our institutions , the rule of law and our democracy, Electing Ex-Army Generals and anybody to such effect makes it a fruitless venture .

I Pray President Muhammadu Buhari is the Last.

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