10 facts about Abortion and My opinion about it.

1. Do you know that Abortion has killed more people than all the Wars fought in human history?

2. Do you know that Abortion kills the baby and also harms the mother emotionally and psychologically.

3. It have been proven that 50% Of women who have had an abortion are uncomfortable in the presence of babies.

4. Do you know that 1 in every 34 seconds a baby is killed by abortion somewhere in America alone .

5. Do you know that most women who have had an abortion regret it and some wish they can turn back the hands of time.

6. Do you know that abortion is the worst form of human selfishness. Where an innocent baby is made to pay for the mistake of two adults.

7. Do you know the church was trying to protect us youths from the hard decisions that come with unwanted pregnancy when they told us not to fornicate.

8. Do you know that abortion is the one of the only medical procedure in the world that is sole aim is to bring 100% death.

9. Do you know that abortion does not make you Unpregnant. It just makes you a mother of a dead child.

10. We will not personally judge anybody on this controversial issue. But let us remember that Sex is a very serious issue that can ruin your life in just 15 mins.

The debate of abortion has reached a fever pitch in this recent times as the united states democratic party continues to push what is seen by others as extreme ideologies on the very sensitive topic.

It started with the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh as the supreme court of judge of the united states . Brett is seen as a strong conservative who will lean towards the right and uphold strict laws on the Roe vs Wade bill.

Brett was put through hell during his nomination process due to an allegation that came out from his high school where he was accused of raping a girl. The scandal threatened his career and nomination but he managed to escape by the whiskers.

The Abortion debate was sparked again when the governor of New york Governor endorsed and signed into law a late term abortion bill . This means that mothers can approve the killing of their babies if they so wish after they have been born.

This started a national debate on how far abortion has gone extreme. There was a match for life crusade which was heavily attended by conservatives and all pro life members.

Donald Trump the president of United states in his state of the union address made a strong remark about the absurdity of this new bill and called for a redress of the issue in the senate.

The democrats have been adamant about what they call the right for women to choose what they do with their bodies . They believe that the decision of a mother to end the life of her baby prematurely should be nobody business

The church has been quiet silent in the issues pricking the conscience of society at the moment. They have been accused of sitting on the fence on this issue which is not help the faithfuls.

It is not difficult to see that the abortion debate will be a hot topic in the next general elections in 2020

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