History: Do You Know How And Why January 1st became the Official Date For New Year?

1. Before Pope Gregory XIII implemented his calendar in 1582 , the whole world made use of the Julian Calendar which was introduced by Roman emperor Julius Ceasar.

2. The Julian calendar was heavily influenced by the roman royal family. for example the month of July is named after (Julius) the emperor himself and August was named after Augustus Cesar his successor

3. The Julian calendar had few faults it was shorter than the Gregorian calendar by exactly 11 minutes . 11 minutes might be small but when left for 1600 years adds an additional 10 days to the year

4. This error affected the Catholic day for Easter in March and it also means that the New year eve falls on January 14th not first.

5. In the year 1582 the catholic pope Gregory Xiii came up with what is called the Gregorian Calendar which omitted 11 days from the Julian Calendar. His calendar is now the world accepted standard of calendar.

6. it took another 300 years before the Gregory calendar was accepted. In some countries today like orthodox religious countries the Julian Calendar is still used.

7. The POPE Gregory XIII is now called the Calendar pope for his contribution to the world.

8. i also want our Pentecostal friends to realize that the catholic church is a lot bigger than they think it is and should be respected not denigrated

The wealth of experience gathered by the Catholic church is Priceless and there contribution to the worlds development is unmatched.

The catholic church is going through tough times at the moments as scandals continue to rock the oldest church in history. The catholic church hierarchy has been accused of being to relaxed and reluctant to carry out the reforms needed in todays catholic church.

The pontiff is currently on a a trip in the UAE where he met the brotherhood of Muslim community in a bid to promote world peace and strengthen ties between the two religious organizations

The role of the catholic church through the ages cannot be overemphasized and the current attacks at the person of the catholic church should be condemned.

The Gregorian pope is one of the many instances where the catholic church influenced a major world decision .

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